Think like a bank: The book

Working as a psychotherapist many of Norma’s clients’ most common issues relate to finance, namely debt.

This increasing problem led Norma to write her first financial self-help book titled, Think Like A Bank. In Think Like A Bank, Norma gives readers the insight into how important your mindset is in managing and maximising your personal finances.

She also teaches you how to use banks’ principles to work for you, coupling this with her own expertise in the psychology of debt and her personal financial experiences.

Norma was constantly frustrated and unhappy about living on the bread line. She had worked for banks for over two decades, and while she struggled to make ends meet, they continued to make money. After much deliberation, she realised that she could do what banks do for herself. This is what she does to this day.

And this is what we want to teach you! Debt and financial difficulty are universal problems, affecting people of all backgrounds and economic statuses. Norma’s and our goal is to provide solutions for these issues by raising awareness and sharing sound information that will help people’s to make better choices when managing their money. This unique money management book is loaded with nuggets and knowledge that will help you maximize your finances forever.

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A powerful financial self-help book that can help you transform your quality of life just by re-educating your mind

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